Tribal movements in India Vol.2

Tribal movements in India Vol.2

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Call No: 301.2 v 2 SIN (B)

Authorship: Singh K.S (ED)
Source: New Delhi: Manohar, 1982
Language: English
Subjects: India, Sociology, Tribal People, West Bengal, Adi Samaj Movement, Tribes, South India, Chotonagpur

Table of Contents:

1. Tribal Autonomy Movements in Chotanagpur- K.S. Singh 1
2. The Jharkhand Movement Among the Santals- S.C. Panchbhai 31
3. The Jharkhand Movement of West Bengal- P.C. Bhowmick 53 
4. The Jharkband Party in Orissa- L.K. Mahapatra 67  
5. Return to the Sacred Grove- P.C. Hembram 87
6. The Adi Samaj Movement Among the Ho- Pranab Kumar Dasgupta 93
7. The Mahato-Kurmi Mahasabba Movement in Chotanagpur - K.S. Singh and P.P. Mahato 109 
8. The Extremist Movement: An Appraisal of the Naxalite Movement with Special Reference to its Repercussion among Tribes - Ashim Kumar Adhikary and Ranjit Kumar Bhattacharya 119
9. Raghunath Murmu’s Movement for Santal Solidarity-  Sitakant Mahapatra 129
10. A Movement Among the Gonds of Chanda Kidar Nath Thusu 161 
11. The Gond Movements- K.S. Singh 177
12. A Forest Satyagraha- K.S. Singh 187 
13. Gahira Guru and His Sant Samaj Movement- Ajit K. Danda 197
14. Reform Movement of Rajmohini Devi- William Ekka 209
15. A Baba in Bastar- Vikas Bhatt 223 
16. The Tribal Autonomy Movement in South Gujarat- I.P. Desai 243 
17. The Bhil Movement in the Dhulia District (1972-74)- D.S. Kulkarni 261
18. The Halpati Movement Among the Dublas of South Gujarat- William Ekka and A.K. Danda 273 
19. Socio-Religious Movements Among the Tribals of South Gujarat- R.B. Lal 285 
20. Structure and Role Dynamics Among the Bhils of Rajasthan: A Case of the Bhagats- R.S. Mann 309  
21. Tribal Mobilisation in Southern India- P.K. Misra 325  
22. Political Awakening Among the Tribes of Wynad- P.R.G. Mathur 339  
23. Tribal Movements in Andhra Pradesh- P. Kamala Manohar Rao & D.L. Prasad Rao 353  
24. Socio-Economic Trends in the Nicobar Islands- T.N. Pandit 373  
25. The Chipko Movement- J.C. Das and R.S. Negi 383

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